Message from Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Due to the inaccurate reports about Vitesse and the current situation over the past few days, Vitesse feels obliged to make an official statement by our Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Bert Roetert.

"The announcement of today stating Vitesse cannot win the league looks like it's April Fools' Day. Are we all being fooled here? The competitive element and unpredictability are essential values ​​in sports. Football is popular because of the match experience and passion. Like any other club, Vitesse wants to win as many matches as possible. In the past three years the boundless ambitions of Jordania misbalanced the financial figures too much that Vitesse was reaching the boundaries of the Financial Fair Play rules. Short term results and a mix of self- and club interests were put before the continuity of the club. Vitesse wants to stop with this opportunistic behavior.

Out of respect for Jordania Vitesse has never wanted to highlight these aspects. The current owner and management have decided to create a stable football club, that can be seen as a top 5 club in the Dutch Eredivisie, but within the rules of Financial Fair Play. The club understands the frustration of Jordania due to the fact that he could not fulfill his personal ambitions, but greatly regrets spreading falsehoods.

Especially for our loyal supporters, the situation is extremely tedious and difficult to understand. As a board, we hope that we can focus on what matters as soon as possible: football. We want to lay the foundation for success in the long term. In order to achieve this, we build a strong first team and technical staff. Also we will invest in the youth academy, scouting and innovation. We want continuity in the long term. A process that takes time, but the first outlines are already visible."

Bert Roetert