Theo Bos is no longer manager of Vitesse

Theo Bos has been relieved of his duties as head coach with immediate effect. This decision was triggered by recent disappointing results.

The 45-year old trainer had been employed in Arnhem as the manager/head coach since January 2009. Before that, he had been a player, youth team coach and assistant manager.

The technical director, Ted van Leeuwen, stated: “We have taken this decision with a heavy heart and we remain grateful for all Theo’s efforts for Vitesse. There was – and still is – a great deal of respect here for Theo Bos as a player, as a person and as a coach. Theo will always be welcome at his club.”

Theo Bos said, “Of course, I’m extremely disappointed and I think it’s a pity I wasn’t given more time, because my feeling is that we were on the right track. But it wasn’t my decision; I’ve been in the football business long enough to know that. It’s a shame that my time as Vitesse’s manager is over, but it certainly doesn’t mean the end of my managerial career.”

Vitesse will start looking for a new manager immediately. Assistant manager Hans van Arum and goalkeeping coach Raimond van der Gouw have been asked to take on these duties in the interim.

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